Copley Rd. project

Copley Rd. project

Japanese style custom home

I am now in the midst of an amazing project. Opportunities to install earthen plaster in Northern Ohio are rare indeed! Cynthia J. Hoffman Interiors teamed with Boughman Builders to created a contemporary Japanese style home. The interior walls are an expression of handcrafted materials. Hand planed timbers and trim-work will frame the earthen plaster in a mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese styles.

Traditional Japanese earthen and lime plaster work is highly revered ...yet modern construction practices have greatly impacted their use. Preserving and practicing traditional applications is in many ways like maintaining our indigenous seed banks. The root source is usually a naturally highly evolved system based on what has been sustainable.

My contribution of earthen plaster will not be in the exact Japanese tradition which would be applied over bamboo or other natural waddle substrate. As we compromise and hybridize the new with the old, hopefully we can keep our sights on what is healthy, sustainable and beautiful !

Monday, April 18, 2011

cool siding treatment

Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Clay plaster project underway. Yoga studio 90 % complete, living room next!